Hungate School Enterprise Week: A Showcase of Young Entrepreneurs

Sherburn in Elmet, Hungate School recently concluded its Enterprise Week. The weeklong initiative saw creative and business-savvy youngsters across various year groups come together to conceptualise and execute money-making ventures.

Joining the event were Marrieanne Pal from Creative Shed Agency and Elaine Morris from Curious Edge, both members of the We Are Sherburn. Their presence added inspiration and guidance for the budding entrepreneurs.

Throughout the week, each year group at Sherburn Hungate School were tasked with designing posters, conducting market research, and setting competitive prices for their products. The objective was to make the most money and claim the title of the winning year group, along with the privilege of deciding how the proceeds would be spent within the school.

The competition was fierce, but it was Year 3 who won. Their innovative idea of selling “positive pebbles” and “pebble buddies” resonated well with the buyers. Year 1 also received special recognition for their unwavering enthusiasm and outstanding efforts throughout the event.

The collective hard work of the students paid off, with the school raising an impressive £1000 in proceeds. This money will be utilised for the benefit of the school, decided by the students themselves, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility.

Hungate School’s Enterprise Week not only provided practical business experience but also instilled confidence and teamwork among the students. As they celebrated their success, the young entrepreneurs learned invaluable lessons that will serve them well in their future endeavors.